Friday, May 7, 2010


A large majority of the House supports the support plan for Greece. This means that the Netherlands is 4.7 billion euro loan to the nearly bankrupt country.

If Greece does not receive financial aid, the country goes bankrupt. This can all euro countries, including Netherlands, carried away by a new financial crisis. "This will be much more costly," said CDA MP Frans de Neree Friday during a parliamentary debate on the aid plan. "We do this primarily for ourselves, not for the Greeks."

The VVD supports the plan, even if that party has long maintained that there is no Dutch cent tax money should go to the Greeks. "Now say no is to choose the security that goes wrong," said VVD MP Frans Weekers. The VVD calls like other parties for greater certainty that Greece will pay back the loan.

The Freedom Party and independent MP Rita Verdonk are downright against aid to Greece. They find that the Netherlands should consider stepping out of the euro. The SP wants the financial sector will make a contribution to support Greece.

Minister of Finance in January Kees de Jager (CDA) will come later Friday to speak in parliamentary debate. The House of the May holidays interrupted the debate can be conducted.

The Dutch loan is part of an international aid plan for Greece. The euro countries and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would total 110 billion euro loan to Greece.

The Greek parliament Thursday approved the drastic cuts that are a prerequisite for financial support. The Greek people seem less convinced. It is demonstrated daily, which occasionally comes to riots.

The leaders of the eurozone countries are meeting in Brussels on Friday to support the plan to permanently seal it.


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