Saturday, February 27, 2010


Question: 'What would you like to drink ... fruit juice, soda, tea, milo, chocolate, or coffee?'
Answer: 'Tea please'
Question: Ceylon tea, herbal tea, bush tea, honey bush tea, ice tea or green tea?'
Answer: ' Ceylon tea please'
Question: 'How would you like it? Black or white?'
Answer: 'White please'
Question: 'Milk, whitener, or condensed milk?'
Answer: 'Milk please'
Question: 'Goat milk, camel milk or cow milk?'
Answer: 'Cow milk please.'
Question: 'Milk from Freezeland or Afrikaner cow?'
Answer : 'Afrikaner cow please.'
Question: 'Warm or cold?'
Answer: 'Warm please.'
Question: 'Full cream, low fat or fat free?'
Answer: 'Umm ... I'll rather take it black please.'
Question: 'Would you like it with sweetener, sugar or honey?'
Answer: 'With sugar please.'
Question: 'Beet sugar or cane sugar?'
Answer: 'Cane sugar please.'
Question: 'White, brown or yellow sugar?'
Answer: 'Just forget about the tea. I'll have a glass of water instead please.'
Question: 'Mineral or still water ? '
Answer: 'Mineral water please.'
Question: 'Flavoured or non-flavoured ?'
Answer: 'Hey, futseki mann! Just get me water from the river... I don't wanna know which river, and stop asking me too many questions. ALA !!

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