Thursday, July 8, 2010


The Central Committee of CCM meets in Dodoma today to pick three members of the party out of 11 who are aspiring to run for Zanzibar presidency in October 31, General Elections for final screening by its National Executive Committee (NEC) on Friday. The Secretary of CCM Special Committee for Zanzibar, Mr Vuai Ali Vuai, said the three aspirants would appear before NEC members in Dodoma for the final stage of the party's gruelling nomination process. NEC members, he said, would secretly vote to pick the party's presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections. In the race are the Vice-President, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein, Zanzibar Chief Minister Shamsi Vuai Nahodha, former Zanzibar Chief Minister, Dr Gharib Mohammed Bilal, Tanzania's Ambassador to Bonn, Mr Ali Abeid Karume and Zanzibar Deputy Chief Minister, Mr Ally Juma Shamhuna. Others are Zanzibar Minister for Education, Mr Haroun Ally Suleiman, Deputy Minister for East African Co-operation, Mohammed Aboud Mohammed, Zanzibar prominent businessman Mohammed Raza, Legislator Omari Sheha Mussa, Mr Mohammed Yusuf Mshamba and Mr Hamad Bakari Mshindo. Many observers in Zanzibar speculate that Dr Shein, Dr Bilal and Mr Nahodha are likely to be endorsed by the CC to go to the final round in the nomination race before CCM-NEC on Friday. The NEC session will be followed by a two-day Special CCM National Congress on Saturday and Sunday. The Congress is scheduled to receive reports on the performance of the party, the Union and Zanzibar Revolutionary governments during the last five years. The Congress will reach its climax on Sunday by endorsing the party's presidential candidate for the United Republic, where the incumbent President Jakaya Kikwete is the sole CCM aspirant. Dr Kikwete is also expected to announce his running mate. Meanwhile, one of the aspirants for Zanzibar's presidency, Mr Raza said here that although he would not appear before the CC in Dodoma today for screening, he should be regarded as a serious contender. In another development, police here said they were investigating on the source of leaflets that were distributed on Tuesday accusing Zanzibar President, Dr Amani Abeid Karume, of backing Dr Shein in the Isles presidential race. The Urban West Regional Police Commander (RPC), Mr Aziz Juma Mohamed, warned politicians and their supporters to refrain from acts that could disprut peace in the islands.

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